Rising Trout, Is Porn…

The days are flying by..

It’s been a while.
I know.
But after my stay in the jungle-river, I had some days just chillin and recover.
Last friday I went out to another “jungle”.
Not really, but my and my tent had to spend some time together.
My new tent.
My last one didn’t made it so far.
Took the bus to a small town in the Southland, hitchhiking my way up to this river of normal size.
We can call it “The River with a lot of fish”.
When I arrived close to the river, I found a small hut nearby.
And there was a man there, packing his jeep.
I saw almost directly that it was a flyfisher, and that was perfect.
I could talk some about the area, and maybe if there was somewhere to set camp.
The mans name was Casey Cravens, the owner of Wildangler.com.
A guide from the US, who been living at NZ for more than 20 years.
We had a good talk, and then he gave me a ride to another smaller river a bit north of the first one.
He showed me a perfect place to set my tent and a beat of the “new” river.
The next following days I had really good fishing with a lot of trout, some smaller, but some bigger.
Caught close to 50 fish in 6 days, and the last 2 days was with my dear friend Magnus and his girlfriend, also travelling the NZ.
One of the days we went further up the river, above the farmlands, and just where we parked the van we could see some big trout cruising the first pool below us.

That days we had a really good days, with some really good rising trout and a decent evening rise where we both caught some nice fish.
Especially me who after a 30 minutes of stalking a 6 lbs trout with feeding frenzy.
And we got some of it on tape actually.

And the Cikadas are starting to pop up here and there. Niceness!

Today we arrived in Christchurch, but they are leaving for Australia tomorrow, and I’m heading to the westcoast.
Visiting some good river hopefully, and catching some nice browns.

Some pics for ya.

1961361_601200123347446_1325337519_n 11007675_601200120014113_2135791280_n 10997033_601200126680779_2099017246_n


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