Rising Trout, Is Porn…

Westcoast, and new friends.

After my days in the south, I arrived at the eastcoast and then took a bus to the west to see if I could find some rivers with water, and maybe some good fish aswell.

Found a nice little Backpackers, and the good thing was that the manager actually was a flyfisher. We talked some and I got some info about the rivers being low and warm.
And the fish was easily spooked.
Had to find out that by myself I guess.

First day I went down to the local sportshop and had a chat with the owners, showing me pics of big trout with mice in’em. But they also said the same thing as the manager of the BP.
Low water, heavily fished rivers.
Had to find out that by myself I guess.
Fished one local nice river later that afternoon, with some rain, clouds and some wind.
But still managed to see 2 trout. Spooked them both…
What they told me was true.
Heard a few rumours that the fishing should be better further upstream, so the next day I decided to do a tramp to a small Hut some km’s outside town.

Took me 3 hrs of walking, but the scenery up there was amazing. And a lot of fish. But the same thing here, the fish was so easily spooked. Probably saw around 50 fish in those 2 days I was up there, and many of them was good size. + 6 lbs fish.

When heading my back “home” again a man pulled over with his van and waved at me. It was this guy from Australia, named Ryan who also was a flyfisher, and we started talking bout the fishing and our plans, and then we decided to meet up the next day and go looking for some new rivers up north.
The following 3 days together we fished some bigger rivers, and some smaller.
But the fishing was also hard in those.
Easily spooked, or they was just standing still on the bottom.
Warm water, low levels here aswell.
But I actually caught some fish.
Now we will try to recover for a few days, and then I’ll be heading out in the wilderness again for some days. C ya! IMG_0592


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