Rising Trout, Is Porn…

Heavy Rain. Hungry fish.

Me and my new friend Ryan headed up to Nelson for a couple days of recovery from our fishing.
Well, more like having to many beer and dancing til morning.
We had some fun days in the City before Ryan went out for a guided trip with Mike Kirkpatrick, and I was left alone in the middle of nowhere.

High up in the headwaters of a bigger river, in remote deerhunting-ground.
A gorgy river in a canyon.
Low water, clear as tapwater.
I had some mixed up feelings about it, but Mike, who gave me this spot told it would be good.
Not many fish, but if I will catch any, they will be big.


First day I actually walked a 3 km stretch, but saw only 3 trout.
It was decent fish. Not decent, really good fish.
Spooked 2 of them, and missed the last. Cikada.

The amount of cikadas around this river was insane.
Sometimes you couldn’t even hear your own thoughts.
The following day I walked a long stretch of the river, and in the first 3 km’s I didn’t see a single thing.
Didn’t polaroid any fish, didn’t spook any.
So I started to get a bit frustrated, and almost wondered if Mike the guide had sent me to a “bad” spot.
After those 3 km’s I sast down to eat my lunch.
2 good ham & cheese-sandwiches.
While sitting there, a few meters from the bank, I saw this shadow.
Yes, a fucking fish.

I finished my lunch a little quicker than I normally do, and then walked a couple of meters downstream from where I saw the fish.
Now I have no time to make a fool of myself.
And there I saw it again.
A nice fish just standing in the stream just in front of a big rock.
The wind put my fly almost 10 feet to the right of the fish, and the riffles makes it difficult to see what happens, but then…
A big mouth brakes the surface and my Cikada disappears.
Strike! And the fish jumps right out of the clear water, not once, but 3 times before it runs towards me.
After a couple of minutes a tail the fish which is close to 7 lbs.
This could actually be one of them mousefeeders.
Short, and fat like a kid that loves cake.


Just a hundreds of meters upstreams where I caught my fish, I see a big rock in the middle of the river.
A typically spot for a trout to have its feedingspot.
I slowly get behind the rock, and then takes one step up on it, and then I see a fish about 20 feet upstreams the rock.
I get in position, casts my Cikada for the second time this day, and also this cast throws the fly a couple of meters out to the right.
The fish slowly swims out to get it, and even follows the fly toward me for almost 2 meters before it grabs it.
A good fish + 5lbs.
Couldn’t almost believe it.
2 casts, and 2 fish over 5 lbs.

After a couple of more days of fishing, but not with the same luck, the rains comes the last night.
Heavy rain.
Ryan comes and picks me up, and when we’re crossing the bridge further down, the river are coming down towards the bridge like a brownish tidalwave.
In 5 second the river by the bridge is almost 1 meter higher.

The following days we are trying to find some clear water, but the rivers which been TOO low, is now high, but with no fish in them.
After a day and a half with chilling and some making some plans, we decide to fish a small river which we fished the week before.
Good levels, and good clarity is greeting us when we arrive.

Just after maybe 30 minutes of fishing, Ryan misses a good trout, but get 4 more chances before it actually hooks the fish.
A beautiful 5 lbs trout.
I’m really happy for his sake.
This was what we both needed.
We go a bit further up, and I’m blindflogging a really sexy reach of the rivers with a overhang of willows.
Fast water, balls deep.
I get a perfect cast right up, close the bank, and I is just about to say to Ryan, “That was a fucking good cast”, and he yells,
“STRIKE!!!!”, and by the same time I saw a shiny glittering shadow grab my fly.
Another goodlooking trout, a bit bigger then Ryans was landed.
Our day is made.


The next day the bigger river have cleared up enough to be fishable, and we went up to the gorgy bit.
But the river is a bit high, and even tho it’s clear enough, we just don’t have the “this is nice”-feeling.
We see a few fish, but we just don’t have the beliefs bout this one.

Going back further down, and trying to see if we could find some fish was probably our best idea this trip.
The 2 following days Ryan catches 6 fish, and myself 13.
Half of them is probably over 3 lbs, and I have the luck to catch a stunning 6 pounder amongst these fish.
But also a couple of them close to the same digits.



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