Rising Trout, Is Porn…

The Season is ON!

Now it’s almost 2 weeks since I came back from New Zealand, and I sure can tell you that my schedule been full!
2 days after my arrival my friend Henrik Wallberg/Scandi Flyguides picked me up and we went up to the swedish Sportfishing Fair in Jönköping.
Great fun to see a lot of both old and new faces for 2 days.
Some sweet hangaround with the dudes from Fishline, which actually will be my new workplace, and I met up with the guys at the Vision-stand and snatched the new KUST rod and the KUST reel.


And the following week me and some good friends went to Denmark to have a nice together and fish for some seatrout.
The conditions was perfect, but the fishing was really hard.
Last year we caught almost 80 fish, but this year we only caught 45 in 3,5 day.
At least I had the opportunity to try the Vision KUST-combo.
And it was not only love at first sight, also in the first try.
Light rod, with the perfect action for the type of fishing I mostly do.
And the reel is just sexy.

You can find some nice pics from our trip here ——> Flugfiskebloggen

And a short clip here ——–> The Warm Up

A couple days later at the 1st of April, our trout-season i starting.
Normally I use to spend my first day by a river to see if I can find some rising browns, but this year me and some good friends went out to the coast for some searun browns.
Good conditions with a light cold wind and some warming sunshine.
Didn’t take long before I had a good bite on my fly, and the fish took both my leader and fly.
I bit dissapointed, but after a while I caught a decent fish.
All three of us caught fish that day, and this was a perfect start on the season.


The last days the fishing been really good, with good amount of both fish and size.
This year the fish is a bit thinner than last year, but hopefully they will feed properly and we will catch some fattys following months.


A decent fish caught on my new Finkel Fly


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