Rising Trout, Is Porn…

Brown Trout

Guess the most of you have waited for days and weeks for another post.

But I have to be honest, I’m a flyfisher..
The last couple of weeks and months I’ve been busy as hell catching brown trout across both Sweden and Norway.
And I’ve been lucky to meet a lot of them brownies..
Both big and less big… And some small of them aswell..
Me and some friends just came home from a 18 days-roadtrip thru both Sweden and Norway.
Visited a lot of different places, some old and some new.
I got a great tip from a friend of mine..
Clear water, big trout.. Couldn’t be happier!
Caught 3 trout, the smallest at 2,5 lbs…
That’s what I call a nice river.

Well, the saga continues and me and some good friends are about to go on another roadtrip.
We’ll see what happens…
I’ll give you some pics for so long..

Tight lines peeps!



Oh my..

I know…
I’m a worthless blog-dude..
The season is in it’s full blossom.
Mayflies are hatching, streams are getting better and better.
And yes, we are catching trout.
A lot of them..
Some small, some bigger..
Had a great night some days ago and caught a nice 22 inch trout. Fat like Santa Claus..

Bad pic tho..


Also had some friends with me sometimes.
Some filming been done aswell.

Here you have 2 shorter videos.


It’s ON!

3 days ago the season of 2012 begun.

Well, of course that depends what kind of species you want to fish for…
I think you all know us that well..
We are talking about the browntrout-season.
Some of mine favorite-waters opens the 1st of April, the same date as the fishing-season for seatrout on the westcoast.
Which I think is perfect.
The most flyfishers living at the westcoast LOOOOVE seatrout.
I don’t…
Why fish for silver when you can go for gold? Huh…

Well well, nuf said..
I had my good friend Alex from Imago Flyfishing visiting this weekend, mostly because it was my birthday.. And he had to go to Oslo late sunday.
But we managed to defy the hangover and went to a small stream outside Gothenburg.
Strolling down the bank we didn’t believe what we saw.
On a 150 meter stretch we almost scared 60-70 fish!
Especially since this particular stretch had like 10-20 fish last year.
BUT, last summer we took away a migratory which had stopped a lot of fish to swim upstream.
Really awesome to see that our work has paid off.
We bought our license, and maybe fished for 20 minutes without any rising trout.
No sour faces anyhow, the season has started. Love it..

Waadaap fools?

Oh boy..
Now I’ve worked every day for 24 days..
Haven’t washed any clothes, my appartment look like a messed up dungeon.
Some empty bottles of wine close to my bed, and the smell of cigarettes..
I’ve been busy like hell. But I like it..
For 2 weeks ago me and my buddy Martin opened our own flyfishing-store here in Sweden.
We are finally fullfilling on of our biggest dreams.
But nothing comes for free..
Everyday I listen to people who have been fishing, are fishing and going for some fishing..
Honestly, I haven’t thought about fishing..
Maybe, I’m sick of it?
Or just waiting for something to press the on-button..


Mayfly Spent / Step-By-Step

Christmas is over, so back to the tying.
Got a question at a norwegian flyfishing-forum if I could do a SBS on a Mayfly-spent.
And of course, I’m not the one who says no-no.
Here is the SBS for you aswell!


Hook: TMC 103BL
Tails: Strands from paintingbrush, black markerpen + Krystal flash
Body: Thread & Biot strip
Thorax: 0,5 mm foam light brown + Superfine dubbing
Wings: CDC