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Dry Flies

Some Lepto’s

Here is a special edition with 2 in 1 flytyingvideo.

Hope U enjoy it!



Mayfly Spent / Step-By-Step

Christmas is over, so back to the tying.
Got a question at a norwegian flyfishing-forum if I could do a SBS on a Mayfly-spent.
And of course, I’m not the one who says no-no.
Here is the SBS for you aswell!


Hook: TMC 103BL
Tails: Strands from paintingbrush, black markerpen + Krystal flash
Body: Thread & Biot strip
Thorax: 0,5 mm foam light brown + Superfine dubbing
Wings: CDC



So, with a couple of hundred people competing and fighting over these magnificent flies I’ve now drawn a winner!
And the winner is Marcus Hermansson, a complete schmuck, but also a pretty nice boy.
And thanks to you others!

Best regards! //J – Tr;Outcastz

Let’s post a pic of Marcus aswell…


Some Caddis!

I’ve been sick for some days now and had the time to tie some flies.
So today I’ve been messing around with both some Baetis- and Caddis-emergers.

Got some pics and material-list for you.

Hook: TMC 2488 10-16
Rib: Vinyl Rib Olive
Body: CDC Pardo or Olive
Loopwing: CDC Pardo
Thorax: Snowshoe Rabbit Feet Tan
Legs: Ostrich Herl Grey
Head: Ostrich Herl Grey

J’s Mayfly Emerger

Some days ago a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to contribute in a article he’s writing to a big Flyfishing Magazine in Germany.
He wanted me to tie one of my killer patterns and tell me some about it.
So, I did.

I thought that I also could give you others some.
So, here is a Step-By-Step for you.


J’s Mayfly Emerger

Hook: Partridge 15 BN size 10-20
Thread: Black or Brown 10/0
Tail: Fibers from EMU-feather
Rib: Ostrich Herl grey or brown
Abdomen/body: Biot Strips Gold
Loopwing: CDC Pardo or light brown, 2 feathers
Thorax & Head: Ostrich herl grey or brown
Legs: Comparadun or Deer
How to tie:
Attach three fibers from EMU in the bend of the hook.
Also attach one ostrich herl, this will be a rib on the abdomen.
Attach the biot strip with the thin end.
Wrap up the biot strip with a half mm gap.
Then use the ostrich herl as a rib between the gap of the biot strip.
Tie up the 2 CDC-feathers with the tip of the feathers pointing backwards, us only about 2-3 turns with the thread.
This is because you have to pull the feather so just about 2-4 mm of the tips will point backwards as “shuck”.
Go some more turns with the thread on the feathers following the hook.
The fold the feathers backwards so you can make a loop further on.
But first attach 2-3 herls from ostrich and make a thorax.
Dont cut the rest of the herls, you will need them soon to the head.
Take a few strands ( 8-12 ) comparadun and tie in as legs pointing backwards under the thorax.
So, then take the CDC-feathers and create a loop by first fold them forward, and press them backwards again.
Cut the feathers, and then build a smaller head from the herls that you saved.
Finish the fly and then mess up the legs with your fingers to create a more realistic look.