Rising Trout, Is Porn…


Sharing, Is Caring..

Well, our own time is really nothing to talk about.
I’m actually filled up with pre-orders, price-settings and flyshop-buildning.
I’m gonna be flyfishing-shop-owner. Or well, I already are.. Yeay!

So, instead I really want to share some good shit.
Best shit for a long time.

First clip from Faceless Flyfishing Media, Plan B.
Little bit ncueabvhcbyealncu esaxawb hce, but I love it.
Hope U will enjoy it aswell.


And of course we really want to give a special BIG UP for our swedish mates on Frontside Fly.
This is some pretty awesome stuff, and it makes us just a little bit, eh.. Horny?
Looki Looki, NO HANDS!


Some Lepto’s

Here is a special edition with 2 in 1 flytyingvideo.

Hope U enjoy it!


Something Fresh, Something Old..

Did some work with some videoclips and this is the finished product.

Hope you enjoy this stuff aswell!

A pretty damn nice clip

Some other Imago-related stuff.
Nick from Gin Clear and John Z, Morten H from Imago fished some great water in Slovenia this summer, tested products and filmed some.
This is the clip.


Now, the waiting is over.
My friends from Imago Flyfishing have released their new homepage!

Check it out. NOW! Click this —-> Imago