Rising Trout, Is Porn…


Oh my..

I know…
I’m a worthless blog-dude..
The season is in it’s full blossom.
Mayflies are hatching, streams are getting better and better.
And yes, we are catching trout.
A lot of them..
Some small, some bigger..
Had a great night some days ago and caught a nice 22 inch trout. Fat like Santa Claus..

Bad pic tho..


Also had some friends with me sometimes.
Some filming been done aswell.

Here you have 2 shorter videos.



Waadaap fools?

Oh boy..
Now I’ve worked every day for 24 days..
Haven’t washed any clothes, my appartment look like a messed up dungeon.
Some empty bottles of wine close to my bed, and the smell of cigarettes..
I’ve been busy like hell. But I like it..
For 2 weeks ago me and my buddy Martin opened our own flyfishing-store here in Sweden.
We are finally fullfilling on of our biggest dreams.
But nothing comes for free..
Everyday I listen to people who have been fishing, are fishing and going for some fishing..
Honestly, I haven’t thought about fishing..
Maybe, I’m sick of it?
Or just waiting for something to press the on-button..


Sharing, Is Caring..

Well, our own time is really nothing to talk about.
I’m actually filled up with pre-orders, price-settings and flyshop-buildning.
I’m gonna be flyfishing-shop-owner. Or well, I already are.. Yeay!

So, instead I really want to share some good shit.
Best shit for a long time.

First clip from Faceless Flyfishing Media, Plan B.
Little bit ncueabvhcbyealncu esaxawb hce, but I love it.
Hope U will enjoy it aswell.


And of course we really want to give a special BIG UP for our swedish mates on Frontside Fly.
This is some pretty awesome stuff, and it makes us just a little bit, eh.. Horny?
Looki Looki, NO HANDS!

Some Lepto’s

Here is a special edition with 2 in 1 flytyingvideo.

Hope U enjoy it!


Something Fresh, Something Old..

Did some work with some videoclips and this is the finished product.

Hope you enjoy this stuff aswell!