Rising Trout, Is Porn…


Dah jungel iz massive!

Where to begin?
I got some tips from friend about this river.
”U have to go there. You will love it. It’s perfect. A lot of goodsized fish.”

The day before I visited the DOC ( Department of Conservation ) to get my gear/stuff cleaned, and they told me that the river was high AF ( as fuck ), and the day before the track close to the river was even closed because of the high flows.
Should I really go there?
I’ve waited 5 days to go there.
And I’ve already paid the tickets with the boat.

Well, I went there.
I paid 212 NZD to get there. ( apprx: 1300 sek )
If you gonna be tough, you gotta be dumb. Or something like that…

Talked to the skipper on the boat about the river, and he told me it might both high, and maybe still some people there aswell.
What am I doing?

Finally got of the boat and started to tramp the track which goes close to the river.
I knew where to set camp by my map-planning the day before.
Or well, almost the week before..

Didn’t took me long before I got close to see the river, abd it looked WONDERFUL!
Perfect size, and perfect depth, and the most important thing of all, it looked stable.
Not high at all.
This gonna be gooooood!

With curiosity and new strength my walk didn’t take more than about 2 hrs until I was at my destination.
Tent up, and time to get some food.
Yep, perfect. I’ve forgot my lighters.
This sucks big time.
Not that amused to eat cold food in 4 days.
Only one thing to do.
Walk 2 hrs back to see if I can find any more hikers who maybe have a lighter to spare.

After 45 minutes I meet a older couple and asks them if they have a lighter or some matches.
But no luck.
Keep on walking stupid boy..
10 minutes later I meet another couple, younger tho.
And YES, they have a lighter.
With a big thank you, and the biggest smile I feel that my luck has changed.

Ofc I had my fishing-gear with me, and my plan was to fish my way up when I, or if I should get my missing ”fire”.

About 8 minutes and 32 seconds after I found my first fish.
A nice big rainbow.
Just for fun, I tie a Beetle to the tippet and gives a few tries before the fish rises and I set the hook.
This day is just getting better!

The following days I have the best fishing ever.
I catch about 20 fish on three days, both browns and bows.
Not a single browntrout below 5 lbs, but a few bows around 3 lbs.
Biggest fish was a nice brownie, just while I was making breakfast the first morning.
A saw cruising in the shallow waters close where I sat making pancakes, and I ran to get my rod.
First cast, with a dry/nymph-setup the fish took the nymph.
Probably 8-8,5 lbs. Big head, old brute.
Too bad I didn’t get a pic of it.
Instead it will be a fun memory.

The 4th day, my plan was to get up early and fish a few hrs before tramping back to the boat.
Woke up about 2 in the night, heavy rain.
After 2 more hrs the tent was leaking in.
My luck apperently have changed.

6 in the morning I make the decision to get my stuff together and walk back.
Get down to the river to get my gasoline-ktichen bowls.
I don’t see them.
But instead I see a river, which probably have rose 60-80 cms.
High and milky. Sry, not milky. More like chocolate-milky…

My only hope is if I can cross a smaller tributary some km’s downstream.
So my jungle-walk starts.
After 2 hrs bushbashing in rain I arrives.
This ”stream” is also high, really high.
There is nowhere in hell I can cross it.

Still I try to cross a small sidestream of the stream, and uses my rod tube as a ”wading staff”.
Loses the grip of it, and I see it flows away with the current.
My eyes are big like plates, and I don’t really know what to do.
There’s three rods in that tube, with a worth of 2500 NZD. ( 15.000 sek )
5 second after I throws off my backpack and starts to jump/run like a f*cking cougar thru the bushes to see if I maybe can catch the tube a bit downstreams.
After 50 meters I find a good place in the sidestream if it should go this way.
It has to go this way.
But no tube appears.
The frustration, and thoughts running to my head.
My trip is ruined.
How stupid can I be? And unlucky…
I walk a few meters upstream, and in a small pocket of backwater I see the tube swirling around.
OMG! I’m probably the most fortunate dude in the world!
I almost start to cry.

I walk up to the backpack again and sits down and starts to make up some kind of plan.
Or atleast is thinking about doing it.
The clouds above my head is shingering and the sun shines.
Good, now maybe the river will drop.
But after 30 minutes, some darker clouds with rain appears.
It rains probably for 20-30 minutes, but I see that the waterlevel actually is dropping.
Dropping fast.
I just have to wait.

After 4 hrs the level has dropped about 6-7 cms, and now I have to take a chance if I’ll going to get to the boat before it leaves.
I missed ofc the first ride.

With fast hard water up to almost my chest, I still makes the crossing.
When I hit the other shore I’m almost can believe what I’ve done.
I feel like Bear Grills or what his name is.
Goddamn survivor.
Now the second part of the walk begins.
At some how my legs are crazy, I almost run.
My ”batteries” are some how loaded.
Adrenaline. Hell of a drug..

A normal walk down to the wharf in that terrain would probably take more than 2 hrs.
I did it in 50 minutes.
I guess I was so focused at the ”goal”.

The moment that I’m writing this, I feel like I have a lot more to write, but I’m just so happy to lay here in my bed, in my room, with wounds all of my body, but a happy smile to be clean again, and alive.
This was truly an adventure.
But I would do it over again, any day.

And I still have almost 5 weeks to go.


My little “Shelter” when the rain came. 


Some of the fish. 


It’s hard to be hip hop..

Heavy rain.
More heavy rain.

That’s how the last 4-5 days been like.
Arrived to Te Anau at sunday, hoping fr nice weather and some good fishing.
Well, at least some fishing..
Visited one of the bigger rivers at sunday evening, found two fish.
One of them I spooked, as usual…
But the next one, the second one, was holding a nice spot under a log close to the brink.
A pretty descent fish, surely close to 4 lbs, probably more.
One lousy cast and the wind makes the fly land bout 2 meters to the right.
But the fish gently swims towards the fly in the heavy stream, rises.
Fish on.
4,6 seconds, fish off.

No more fish in sight that day.

Next day I went to another river nearby.
Even closer than to the first, don’t know why I didn’t go there the first day.
Stupid ass mofo..
Well, because of the heavy rain all night, this river was high, AND milky.
No fun at all.
Looked nice tho.
Will probably go there today, or tomorrow.

Well, after a few tips from the local sportshop, I went to the first river, again…
I was promised more trout, and good fishing.
Yeah right..
“Buy these flies, they’re awesome.”

52 minutes of bicycling, I was finally there.
Big river, nice backwaters, sweet riffles.
Here should be fish.
Some bushbashing, and then I found a smaller sidestream, with a really nice tree leaning over it.
Didn’t take long before I note a fish on the bottom, close to my bank.
This fish will not take a dryfly. Not at all.
So, a little hopper/dropper-action kind of stuff was the first setup.
A blowfly as the indicator, and then a cute little mayfly-nymph with a tungstenhead. Size 16.
4830432 casts later, the fish swims to the side, makes a headshake, I strike.
Here we go!!!
Nope, we didn’t.
The fish, a pretty nice rainbow, strangly doesn’t make a sound.
It felt like it already gave up when I hooked it.
Too bad, I’ve heard that the bows put up with kind a struggle in this river.
Not this one. Sadly.
But I’m happy.
I’ve caught a fish.

Doesn’t takes to long before I find two new fish.
One of them is problably dead.
He didn’t care about nothing.

The other one, a good fish close to 6 lbs takes my fly, and I hook him, but then the hook just releases it’s bracket.
The fish still stays at the spot.
But it doesn’t matter what flies I offer him, he doesn’t care.
Hooked and grumpy.

In a few days I’ll be heading out into the wild.
So the next post will probably be in monday.

C u later alligator!

Another day in Paradise?

Well, a matter of fact. It is.
A couple of days I arrived to Lumsden, and my plan was to find a place to stay.
But all the accommodations was booked up.
I thought that if I get to Mossburn instead, I might somewhere to stay, and also be close to rivers I’m about to fish.
Said and done, I did what anyone would.

Didn’t take long before some jolly youngsters gave me a lift.
After a while we first drove a bit to far, busy talking about this and that.
I got off and gave my big thanks to the 3 canadians.
Started to walk towards Mossburn, and held my tumb for every car that passed.
No luck.

The time started to get close to 7 PM, or 19.00 as we write in sweden, and I wanted to come to the town before the night, and find a place to hide.
Because in the horizont I could see dark clouds. No fun.

Found a small creek and took of my backpacks to take pause and drink some water, and a old man showed up asking what I’m doing.
“-Trying to get to Mossburn. Do you want to make some cash? I’ll give you 50 if you’ll give me a ride.”
Ofc the man wanted some easy cash, but said that only 40 will do.
Puh… Nice. Luck have turned.

At the Mossburn Country Park I had also the luck that one cabin was vacant.
I just got inside before the rain was pouring down outside.

The next day the manager Stuart came and asked me if I wanted to lend his bike, because he’ve seen that I didn’t have any way of transportation.
Maaaan, this is my kind of people!
So goddamn friendly it almost hurts.

Got my ride, and headed to the river.
At first the river don’t look that dryfly-or-die-sexy, but I’ll guess I have to give it a chance.
Started to walk and try to spot some fish.
Nada zippo.
And the meters was counting to hundreds.
I reach to a small stream next to the headwaters, and a shadow appear upstreams.
A fish. A trout.
Rigged the cam, and rigged the rod.
Some kind of tiny size 18 mayfly dun in light yellowish color.
That will do.

First cast. Too much to the left.
Next cast. Puuuuurrrfect!
The fish goes to the left, rises, opens mouth, inhales.

Missed it…..

And then we don’t know where that trout went.
Probably to the North Island…

Get my stuff and starts to walk upstreams, and I don’t need to take more than probably 12,5 steps before I spot another trout on the other side of the stream, rising.
Sweet lord baby Jesus, thank you.
Some how, the fish swims a couple of meters upstreams, but still rising and feeding from the surface like a maniac.
This gonna be goooood!
Some casts later, the fish is on.
A nice trout between 4-4,5 lbs.
Another day is saved.

On that same day I spot somewere around 18-20 fish.
Spooked almost all of them, except one that I missed on a nymph.
And that was probably the start of the nextcoming days.
Spook, spooky, spooking, spooked. Spaghetti…
The weather is bad, clouds and rain, windy and cold.
And every fish I find, I spook.

Tomorrow, leaving for another city.
More rivers.
More trout.
Hopefully not that wary….

Small stream adventures!

When you don’t have a drivers license you have to find new ways of travelling, and if you can’t go by train, air or bus, then you get there by bicycle or your own two feet.

So I went by my ride to a small stream about 12 km outside Gore yesterday.
I was there a week ago with my friend Jonas, but in the higher parts, and we didn’t find it very sexy, so we went fishing in Mataura instead.
I wanted to see if there was any trout in resonable size, so if you don’t try it, you will never find out.
My body isn’t really built for this bicycling-stuff, and after a hard 45 minutes of pedaling I found the stream.

Already from the road I saw some fish rising.
Noice! ( the NZ’s word of ”nice”.. )

Down by the bank I saw that it was only some smaller trout in the te-coloured water.
But further upstreams there’s was some more trout, maybe some of them could be bigger.
And the sure was.
Three or four trout was swimming in a pool with willowtrees hanging, and 2 of them was in good size.

I couldn’t see what they’re feeding on, so I tried a size 14 reddish Mayfly.
One of the smaller trout showed it’s interest and took the fly, but I lost it almost the same second.
New cast, a bit higher up in the pool.
The biggest of’em swims up to the fly and takes it.
A beautiful trout with almost no dots at all. Almost 4 lbs I would guess.

Happy with my quest already I walk a probably about 100 meters upstream or so, to find some more trout in a shaded part of the small stream.
After a minute I see a big fish cruising in the pool and feeding from the surface.
I try the same fly, maybe 3-4 casts, no result. The fish didn’t even look at it.

And then, a new trout. A bigger one.
But a tricky one…
It has chosen a great place of source for both food and cover.
Behind a big log close to the other side of the bank.
This will be challenge.
Challenge excepted!!

Now it’s time to allure the beauty out of it’s nest!
I tied of some big ass beetles at home, so I could pop one of those close, it will maybe hear the plop and then take it.
Let’s try.

First cast.
In the back of the log.
The trout hears sound of the beetle landing and turns around.
I can’t see anything what the trout does, because of the shade of the willowtree.
And then. The take.
Hook up!

A nice male trout close to 5 lbs, in this small stream.
This is great!
I fish for some more hours, and miss a couple of good fish.
One of them is bigger then the 5’er I caught.
But whattaheck, you win some, you lose some.
No worries.
This was a great day.
With great success.

Unfortunately I could get any good pics of them, but if you follow me at my instagram/facebook you could see the short clip of me releasing one of them.
But you can see the size of the stream.

IMG_0460 IMG_0465

Hot hot hot!!

It’s toooooooo HOT!

Leaving from a rainy sweden with close to zero degrees and having about 25-30 down here.

My gingerness having a hard time.
But, what to do when mayflies hatch and trout is rising.
Had a really nice day 2 days ago with some good luck catching 3 trout in my first 5 casts of the day. The smallest about 3 lbs, and the biggest around 5 lbs. A long but a bit thin fish.
Head like a pike.

A lot of mayflies hatching around 12-14 in the day, and then massive spinnerfall from 18-22 in the night. Really difficult fishing when the evening rises start tho..
Tricky, selective fish… Stupid. I hate’em… Not. Maybe a little bit..

Today I’m taking a day off.
For now.
Will probably fish the evening nearby.
My ass is a bit sore from bicycling and getting raped from the hard saddle.

So I went shopping some food and a tent, and then took a short visit to the Café in Gore.
And then a nice little fella turns up at my hoodie.
I guess he’s or she’s telling me I’m missing out…


So I went shopping some food and a tent, and then took a short visit to the Café in Gore.
And then a nice little fella turns up at my hoodie.
I guess he’s or she’s telling me I’m missing out…